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PDF to TIFF Converter Lite - Convert PDF to TIFF


PDF to TIFF Converter Lite is a lite version of PDF to TIFF Converter, it's a simple to use win32 program that can convert PDF to TIFF directly,It doesn't requires Adobe Acrobat and other third-party library or printer driver). Supports TIFF LZW,CCITT-FAX3(G3 or Group 3),CCITT-FAX4(G4 or Group 4),RLE,PACKBITS,JPEG compression.


  • Support batch process mode, It can convert a hundred of PDF document at one time.
  • Convert PDF to TIFF with very high speed .
  • Support English, French, German, Italian,Chinese,Japanese and other language PDF documents.
  • Support CID Font and Type1,Type 3,True Type font and all kinds of embedded fonts.
  • Support all Windows platforms, Windows 2000/Windows server 2003/Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.
  • Support export TIFF image with 72-800 dpi.
  • Support convert password-protected PDF document.
  • Support exported multiple compressed modes tiff image (LZW,Packbits,JPEG,CCITT FAX3 and CCITT FAX4)
  • Support convert multi-page PDF to multiple-page TIFF.
  • Support PDF 1.7 standard (formerly only supported by Acrobat 7 and Above)
  • Support convert Large PDF documents.
  • All exported TIFF files compatible with TIFF 6.0


How to convert PDF to TIFF (step by step tutorial ):

1. Click "Add" button to open a browse window and choose PDF documents to add to the list (You can also drag drop PDF document to the list).

2. Settings and Options.

Compression: Compression method of exported tiff image, PDF to TIFF Converter Lite supports LZW,JPEG,CCITT FAX3,CCITT FAX4 and PACKBITS compression.

Resolution:DPI or PPI (dots per inch or pixel per inch).

Color: 24 bit true color,256 color (8bit) , gray scale, 16 color (4 bit) and B&W (block and white).

Multipage:mark it to create multi-page tiff image. (convert one multi-page pdf document to one multi-page tiff image).

Rotate:Rotate exported tiff image.

Dither: (only valid when convert PDF to B&W tiff image).

Quality:(only valid when convert PDF to 256 color tiff image).

Strip:Create multi-strip or single-strip tiff image. (some fax software requires single-strip tiff image).

3. Specify the folder to store exported tiff image: Click the open folder icon to select a directory. (if you don't specify the exported folder, all tiff image will be exported to the folder where the original PDF document located).

4.Click "Convert " button to convert PDF to TIFF.

*Notice about PDF to B&W TIFF conversion

Please mark the " Dither" checkbox if the gray background are missing in B&W tiff.

1. Original PDF

original pdf


b&w tiff

3. Dither+B&W TIFF

dither b&w tiff

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PDF to TIFF Converter Lite
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pdf to tiff converter lite

PDF to TIFF Converter X64 (support all windows 64 bit platforms)