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LD-Getter User Manual

  1. Introduction
  2. System Requirements
  3. Install LD-Getter
  4. Using LD-Getter
  5. Purchase LD-Getter
  6. Register LD-Getter
  7. Support & Feedback

1. Introduction

LD-Getter is a Plug-in of Adobe Acrobat, it can converts PDF document and PDF report into text or csv. The advantage of this software is it can convert PDF report into formatted text (CSV file, Comma delimited text or Tab delimited text), and you can easy import these text into database or Excel. Many Financial company and bank use our software to convert their PDF report into text. Our customer include Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Fidelity Bank, Bank of New York, Tiroler Sparkasse Bank AG, Citizens National Bank, U.S. Bank,IBM,PAYPAL.

Most of the PDF reports have report heading and report footer but some times you only need get data from the report body, LD-Getter make it easy, you only need to set the lines of heading and lines of footer then LD-Getter will ignore all data in heading line and footer line and export the text in the body. It will help you to save time and money.

2. System Requirements:

  • Windows-95/98/NT/2000/xp/Vista
  • Adobe Acrobat 4.x or above.(include Adobe Acrobat 5-9).(Please note:LD-Getter not compatible with the free Acrobat Reader)
  • Intel compatible CPU, 64MB RAM.

3. Install LD-Getter

Run the setup.exe and follow the prompts, the installation program will find the Appropriate directories and check for the presence of Adobe Acrobat. After the installation process, when you run Acrobat, if LD-Getter has been installed properly, LD-Gette will appear as an option in Acrobat's plug-ins menu. Restart Acrobat if it already running.

4. Using LD-Getter

Opening your PDF file. You need run Adobe Acrobat to open your PDF document first and confirm that your PDF document is not protected.

pdf to text

Start LD-Getter. Choose Convert to (LD-Getter) from the Plug-ins menu in Acrobat, Plug-ins->Convert... (LD-Getter). The Export Pages dialog box will appear;

pdf to text options

Configuring Option:

LD-Getter also support PDF document conversion, if you not select PDF report checkbox, LD-Getter will process the PDF file as a document. If you choose PDF report checkbox then you can set the PDF report conversion options. Delimiter. You can select Space, Tab, Comma, as delimiter, and you set delimiter by yourself. Column Distance. Many PDF reports have different fonts, when you get the text without column aligned, you can reduce or increase the column distance and try again.

For Example:
(1). Column distance=2.0

pdf to txt sample 1

(2).Column distance=2.54

pdf to text sample 2


3. Heading lines and footer lines.

Select a folder to store converted file.


5. Purchase LD-Getter

Registration fee: USD$49.95

purchase ld-getter
After you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your order shortly, then, within 24 hours, you will receive the second email with a download link to the LD-Getter and the key code. If you do not get your download link... or if you have lost it, please email us at master@pdftoall.com, Please include your name, address, email address, and order confirmation number (if you have it). We will be happy to help you.

6. Register LD-Getter

Once you finish your oder, we will send the download link of LD-Getter and Registration code to you via email, You need download LD-Getter first, Then uninstall the originally version of LD-Getter, Unzip the download files to a folder and run setup.exe to install LD-Getter again.

After you install LD-Getter, run Acrobat, click the menu:

Help ->About Plug-ins ->LD-Getter
register ld-getter

Then the about window will appear,
pdf to text converter

Click Register button and input your user name and key code, click OK button to finish register. Once you enter the user name and key code correctly, when you open the about window again, the Register button will be disable.

7. Support & Feedback

If you have any problem or questions about uses LD-Getter, please send an email to support@pdftoall.com We will endeavor to answer your question as soon as possible. If you have some PDF reports that LD-Getter cannot converts it to text or the exported text not column aligned and reusable, please send it to support@pdftoall.com, but not send a big file, one or two page is enough. For general enquiries about us, send email: sales@pdftoall.com.
for more information about our product visit web site: https://www.pdftoall.com